AZ 1129 Lady Sanitary Bin

  • The ergonomic design places the hands at a high level of disposal in a sitting position
  • Wide, hands-free  foot pedal for easy stepping
  • Chemicals resistance material. Worry free with any cleaning and sanitation chemicals
  • All part made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability

Lip: Lip opening up to 90 to achieve product-friendly user

Cover: Easy to remove for servicing. It has a carrying handle and is light enough to be lifted by hand.

Body: Made of rigid polypropylene. It is flexible enough to allow for a light fixation of the lid and highly smooth, making it impervious to bloodborne pathogens.

Foot pedal: allows for hands-free operation and treads lightly to maximize the lip flip.

Other features: 22 litres high capacity design can handle a high traffic situation

Quantity               : 5 units / Carton

Carton Size          : 820(L) x 545 (W) x 570 (H)

CBM                    : 0.255 / carton

Gross Weight       : 17.1 kgs  

Colours Available              : White

Capacity                           : 22 Litre

Material                            : PP (Body) + ABS (Cover & Pedal)

Product Dimensions         : 539(L) x 156(W) x 546(H)


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