AZ 1027 Airnergy Mini Metered Spray Refill 100ml

Mini Can

Different Types of Actuators for selection 

Standard Size
Standard Size With Carbon Sensor
Mini Size
  • 45% smaller dispenser
  • 3 times smaller refill size
  • Super concentrates spray with new fragrance technology
  • Premium quality fragrance to neutralize odors in larger areas with multi-layered scent
  • Up to 3200 sprays per refill
  • Long-lasting fragrance with added natural essential oil
  • It neutralizes bad odor in large area with multi-layered
  • Extra fine mist spray to ensure longer lasting and avoid stain
  • CFC free propellant
  • Concentrated fragrance essential oil in Compliant to Global Standard (IFRA) with added Anti_Bacterial active ingredient to kill bacteria in the air
  •  No animal derivative in the fragrance ingredient
  • Suitable use in office hall, lobby, hospital, washroom, reception room and etc
  • Fragrance customization available with huge library selection.

Quantity          :      24 cans / Carton

Carton Size     :      280(L) x 189(W) x 133H)

CBM               :      0.007 / carton

Gross Weight  :      ± 2.850 kgs

Can size                           :    Mini Can with Mini Cone                                      

Product Dimensions         :    45(Diameter) x 100(H)

Popular Fragrances          :    Floral Gardenia, Morning Mist


Product Name                 : AZ 532 LED Air Freshener Dispenser                                      

Colour Available               : White

Can Size                          : Able to suit most of the market aluminum can or metal can mini refill

Battery                             : 2C size battery (Super Heavy Duty & Above)

Material                            : PP (Cover) & ABS (Base)

Product Dimensions         : 83(L) x 58(W) x 167(H)


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