Providing a clean, hygienic and odour
free washroom environment

The unpleasant odors are always associated with poor hygiene washroom. Our urinal hygiene products clean, deodorizes and disinfects the urinals, thereby provide a clean, hygienic and odour-free washroom environment to all users.

Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser

Urinal Screen

AZ S012
Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser
AZ S013
Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser
AZ 0360
Urinal Screen
AZ 0361
Urinal Screen

PDCB Base Deodorant Block

Enzyme Base Bio Tab

Para Deodorant Block

AZ 1106
Para Deodorant
Triangle Block (90gm)
AZ 1125
Non-Para Enzyme
Bio Tab (50gm)
AZ 1011
Para Deodorant Block (20 kg Drum)
AZ 1011
Para Deodorant Block (5kg Steel Tin)
AZ 1011
Para Deodorant Block
(3 / 5kg Plastic Drum)

Auto Toilet Flush Disinfectant

Auto Flush Disinfectant
100g (Up to 600 flushes)

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