Hand washing

Promoting the hand hygiene practice to reduce the cross-contamination and prevent the spread of illness. Our range of hand soap dispensers with different type of dispensing system is able to provide customers with a comprehensive hand hygiene solution and improving hand hygiene level to users.

Manual Liquid Soap Dispensers

Soft Tube System

AR 800-T 
Liquid Soap Dispenser
AZ 800-T 
Liquid Soap Dispenser
AZ 801-T
Liquid Soap Dispenser

Vertical Pump System

Horizontal Pump System

AR 800-L4
Liquid Soap Dispenser
AZ 800-L4
Liquid Soap Dispenser
AZ 1010
Liquid Soap Dispenser
AZ 1010A 
Liquid Soap Dispenser
AZ 1000
Liquid Soap Dispenser

Manual Foam Soap Dispensers

Auto Liquid / Foam Soap Dispensers

AR 800-F
Foam Soap Dispenser
AZ 800-F
Foam Soap Dispenser
AZ 1133-L4
Auto Liquid Soap Dispenser
AZ 1133-F
Auto Foam Soap Dispenser

Hand sanitizing

Hand sanitizing is the most effective way to prevent the transmission of bacteria. Hand Sanitizers are able to kill 99% of germs with quick drying effects during the conditions without soap and water. Our wide range of Hand Sanitiser dispensing systems are able to dispense various forms of hand sanitiser to meet different customer demand.

Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

AR 800-HS
 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
AZ 800-HS
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
AZ 1133 L4-HS
Auto Hand
Sanitizer Dispenser

Toilet seat cleaner

Do you feel hygiene when you use a public toilet seat? Looking for something to sanitise the toilet seat before use? Toilet seat cleaner provides the users feel reassure and comfortable when using the toilet seat. It able to kill 99% of the bacterial and germs on the surface. Our wide range of Toilet Seat dispensing system able to dispense various form of tolilet seat to meet different customer demand.

Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser

Auto Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser

AR 800-M
Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser
AZ 800-M
Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser
AZ 1133-M
Auto Toilet Seat
Cleaner Dispenser

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