Providing a fresh environment

Air care is one of the determinants of washroom cleanliness and vital to maintain the hygienic environment and leaves a good impression to the visitors and employees. Our comprehensive range of air freshener dispensers able to provide a fresh-smelling environment to the employees or visitors by eliminate the unpleasant odours and delivers long-lasting fragrance and consistent aroma throughout the whole day. Our wide range of fragrance selection library more than 150 types of fragrance able to meet different market segment and preference.

Metered Spray Refill

AZ 300 
Metered Spray Refill 300ml
AZ 290 
Metered Spray Refill 290ml
AZ 1029 Airnergy
Metered Spray Refill 300ml
AZ 1137 Deluxe
Metered Spray Refill 300ml
AZ 1027 Airnergy
Mini Metered Spray Refill 110ml
AZ 1136 Deluxe 
Metered Spray Refill

Fibre Wick

AZ 1132 AirZone
Fibre Wick Refill 80g
AZ 1135 Scent Force
Fibre Wick Refill
AZ 1155 Airnergy
Fragrance Pot Refill 40/80g

Continuous Scent Refill

AZ S011 Airnergy
Continuous Scent Refill 40/50g

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